Scottish Bakery Treats: Fruit Crumpets

While idling round the supermarket, I noticed a packet of large (maybe 15cm in diameter), flat, raisin-studded pancakes. Upon studying the label, I saw these were called “Fruit Crumpets”. Adjacent was a fruit-free version called simply “Crumpets”.

fruit crumpets

Intrigued, I noticed that a few shelves away were what I knew as crumpets (and indeed were being sold as “Crumpets”). These are neat thick rounds around 8cm in diameter and a couple of cm in height. On many occasions I had slung a few in the toaster until brown, then slathered with butter (and Marmite or cheese) or peanut butter.

A little research showed that there are English Crumpets (the thick rounds) and Scottish Crumpets (much thinner, looking more like giant pikelets or bubbly Scotch pancakes).

I purchased a pack of 6 “Fruit Crumpets” and gently grilled one for breakfast. I spread a thin smear of butter on top, and tore it into pieces, gobbling as I went.

The taste was much like a Scotch pancake or pikelet, and the raisins were a nice addition. I would definitely have these again, and am quite keen to try the plain ones with butter and a nice mature cheddar. Mmmmm.

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