Thailand Food Exploration: Kluay Kaek

I can’t deny I have a deep love for deep-fried food. So when our Thai host recommended these snacks, I only put up a token resistance.

kluay kaek

They came from a street stall which we passed returning to the car after a trip to the TutCom retail centre. A pre-fried selection was scooped into a box, and when we got home we tried them out.

At the core is a piece of sun-dried banana. This is then battered and the whole thing fried until crispy and golden. The batter remained crunchy despite its road trip, and the banana was pleasantly chewy. After a couple I felt a bit greased-out, but at the right time of day, perhaps accompanied by a zingy fruit drink, I think I could have devoured many more. Around 15 of these cost about 50p.

It is worth noting that deep-fried fresh banana is also called kluay kaek, so you’ll need to keep a sharp eye on what you’re buying if you fancy one or the other in particular.

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