Thailand Food Exploration: Kuay Teow Tom Yum Sukhothai

A lunch stop in a tiny open-air restaurant was my introduction to kuay teow tom yum Sukhothai (noodle tom yum soup Sukhothai style).

kuay teow tom yum Sukhothai

Our hosts recommended this particular dish, and it sounded good so we all ordered it.

By default the dish comprised a spicy clear broth base, slivers of pork, small springy fish and shrimp balls, a few slices of pork liver, a curl or two of crispy pork skin, peanuts, coriander, chilli and some greens. And, of course, there are the noodles, of which there was a choice of size (the two types on offer when we ordered were thin vermicelli or flat, wide, rice noodles).

kuay teow tom yum Sukhothai close-up

The dish was topped with what appeared to be deep-fried wonton skins. This added a nice crunch. Costing under £1, it made for a lovely light lunch.

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