Thailand Food Exploration: Lod Chong

A mere day after my recent post relating my ambivalence towards desserts comprising things floating in coconut milk, I was forced to eat my words.

lod chong

Thankfully they went down very easily, as they were accompanied on their journey by lod chong, a bowl of green noodles floating in heavily-sweetened coconut milk and cooled with ice.

Although recipes suggest these noodles should contain pandan (which gives the green tint), I couldn’t taste it and suspect the colouring may have come from a more artificial source. They were soft in texture, and were purchased in a little bag, accompanied by a second bag containing some pale brown liquid.

When mixed together in a bowl with some ice, the melting ice miraculously turns the brown liquid whitish. It is incredibly sweet, with a mild coconut flavour. The combination of noodles and sauce is very moreish, and a portion slides down easily.

Contemplating my change of heart, it became clear to me that the key was sugar. In other desserts of this type the coconut milk is not usually so heavily sweetened, if sweetened at all. With a large dose of sugar, however, the dish hit my dessert switch.

I don’t think this exception is enough to sway me entirely, but I’m willing to undergo more trials if all are as tasty as this.



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