Thailand Food Exploration: Yum Nam Khao Tod

A visit to Pattaya’s Thepprasit Road weekend night market recently saw us return laden with (too many) bags of food for dinner, including this salad.

yum nam khao tod

I defy anyone to resist purchasing to excess with so many delicious-looking treats for sale. The scent of charcoal grilling fills the air with a delectable aroma, and the prices are so ridiculously reasonable, it is hard not to buy just “one more thing”.

This dish is mainly assembled as you purchase it, with a fried glutinous rice ball (which looks very similar to the Italian arancini, or a moderately-sized posh Scotch egg) first being plucked from a waiting heap. I was distracted by another stall during the assembly process, but the rice ball was broken up and mixed with the other ingredients (including peanuts, dried chillis and spring onions), then boxed up and popped into a bag, along with some additional raw greens.

The sausages on the side were from a separate stall, but some online research indicates they are often found in the salad anyway.

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