New Zealand Food Exploration: Kumara

I’m really pretty crap at this blogging malarkey. Every time some food turns up, my laden fork is halfway to my mouth before H exasperatedly reminds me yet again that we should have taken a photo first.

This is for my blog, you understand. I know, I know, I should be suffering for my art, nobly allowing the photographer to work while my dinner starts to cool. I should probably be taking the photos myself in fact, instead of lazily allowing H to exercise his skills. However photography is his thing and he does it brilliantly, so I view it as a win-win.

Besides, my “forgetfulness” means I get to eat straight away while H instead has to take a photo of his still-intact plate. Score!

Anyway, all this is leading on to explain why there is no picture of a kumara to accompany this post. Kumara chips? Ate them. Kumara mash? Ate it. Any other form of kumara? Nothing to see here, folks. I suggest utilising the wonders of Google (yep, I’m a failure and I give you homework…hey, why are you reaching for that X in the corner of the browser window?).

So kumara (which peeps seemed to pronounce as coo-mer-a with the emphasis on the first syllable) is a sweet potato. It turns up all over the place, adding a mealy heft and caramel note of sweetness to the plate. Buy it and try it, oh and send me a photo please…

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