Malaysia Food Exploration: Jackfruit

At the same market where we had the apam balik, there was a stall where vast jackfruit were being dismantled for sale.


I should confess that I have been eating jackfruit in Thailand and not writing about it! I feel ashamed, but it was mostly purchased in small wrapped packages, and when H took some photos of the stall in Malaysia, it occurred to me I had been lax in not documenting it before.

Jackfruit can get big. I have seen ones considerably larger than watermelons and the one pictured above was a sizable chap. The golden-yellow flesh is pulled out in segments, and on this stall was sold by the kilo. I’m sure one could ask for less, but our knowledge of the language stymied us and H’s determination to have some meant we ended up with a carrier-bag-full to cram into the hotel mini-fridge.

The texture leans towards bouncy and the fruit is quite dry and has a mild flavour reminiscent of an unripe banana. I’m not a big fan but H loves the stuff, and worked his way through most of it over the next couple of days.

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