Malaysia Food Exploration: Ming Xiang Tai

When writing posts within the “food analysis” category, I often talk generally about a specific item rather than focusing upon a single outlet and multiple foodstuffs.

However in the case of Ming Xiang Tai (133 Jalan Burma, Penang), I decided to make an exception as (a) the 4 things I tried were all delicious and (b) individual posts would have quickly become repetitive as I went off into rhapsodies each time about the amazing flaky pastry.

coconut pastry

Seriously. The pastry is a-maz-ing. You can see in nearly all the photos that it has crumbled to some degree. This is after fairly light handling too. Wonderful crisp layers of it encase delicious fillings like the coconut rice puff pictured above.

And the egg tarts. Oh my, the egg tarts. I love the nutmeg-dusted British custard tarts, but the delicate custard of these bad boys combined with that pastry was truly awesome.

egg tart

The kaya puff shown below (kaya being a rich coconut spread) was sweet and crunchy, though my first mouthful was a surprise as for some reason I thought it contained chicken.

kaya puff

The only savoury snack I did buy was the char sui pork puff, which was another winner. It is one of my favourite types of dim sum, and this was an excellent example.

pork puff

There were quite a few other varieties of pastries on offer, and you could also perch on a stool and eat in, which may ensure a slightly more intact end product.

4 thoughts on “Malaysia Food Exploration: Ming Xiang Tai”

  1. All your pictures are fantastic! As someone addicted to ‘puffs’ and just can’t get my own to look right, and try (for my waist line) to not buy to many – thank you, I’ve printed out 3 of the pastries above to inspire me. Back to the kitchen

    Ps, read every single post from Thailand and Malaysia of yours. Nice

    A Canadian with a Mexican restaurant in Thailand

  2. I wish I could take credit for the pics but that’s all down to my partner – he is pleased you like them.

    I’m too cowardly to try making my own, so I’m hugely impressed by your efforts!

    Out of curiosity, whereabouts in Thailand is your restaurant?

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