Malaysia Food Exploration: Patongko

The hotel we stayed at in Penang (the recently-opened and very friendly Penaga) resides on the corner of Jalan Hutton and Lebuh Clarke in George Town.

A stone’s throw away along Jalan Hutton was a street stall that opened in the afternoons to serve patongko.


The first time I walked past it I was full, but the sight of something being deep-fried awoke a yearning within me and I knew I would return.

A few days went by before H finally procured a couple as a snack, and we quickly ate them before they had a chance to cool. They are in essence crispy dough sticks, light and airy but very plain. Sprinkle a little sugar on the outside and they would taste very similar to a doughnut, but perhaps they are sold unsweetened so you can eat as is or liven them up if you so choose.

Costing around 10p each, I recommend buying at least one as you have more to gain (a tasty snack, a bunch of calories…) than you do to lose.

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