Malaysia Food Exploration: Roti Bom/Boom

I don’t know how to say this, but I have been unfaithful. Mere days ago I professed my love for roti canai, but even as I made that declaration I was aware of the existence of other types of roti and what is worse, I have eaten some of them!

Not all on this trip though. This time I only cheated the once, and that was with the explosive-sounding roti bom (pronounced and also alternatively-spelled “boom”).

roti bom

Roti bom is a compact little fellow. Smaller and thicker than a roti canai, sugar and margarine are layered into it resulting in a sweet, fatty, crispy, doughy round.

Did I enjoy it? Yes, though I would have preferred butter or ghee to margarine which I really don’t like the taste of.

Does it replace roti canai in my affections? No, no and thrice no. Don’t worry roti canai, you’re still my number one.


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