Gooseberry Vodka

Way back in sunny July I wrote a post about gooseberries.

Towards the end of the post I mentioned some experimental gooseberry vodka I was making, and promised to update you with the results.


gooseberry vodka

As you can see, it came out a beautiful golden colour. However that’s pretty unimportant compared to how it tastes.

Hmm. I have to say I was a bit… underwhelmed. Because I used sour gooseberries, the resulting drink is very dry. I think I should have upped the sugar content somewhat.

That said, I tried a little with lemonade and it wasn’t bad. There is a definitely a gooseberry flavour there, but it is a sharp rather than a round sweet taste. H was more positive about it, but for me, it was a case of style over substance.

After all that I’ve decided not to doctor it though, and one lucky relative will be receiving a small bottle for Christmas. Hopefully they’ll still talk to me afterwards!

Note: H is back to wielding the camera. I clearly need him.

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