The Icecreamists, Covent Garden

Another month, another post without photos.

My newish job has taken up a lot of my brain space, leaving me woefully ill-placed to remind H to bring a camera and/or take photos with it. However faced with not telling you about an awesome ice-cream shop or telling you about it without photos, I’m going to err on the side of food.

H and I had formulated a plan to nip into London on Easter Saturday, eat some food, buy a lavish and over-priced Easter egg and head home. Well, we managed to eat food.

The railway company had decided to double our journey time by performing some essential maintenance work, and thus took us in to Waterloo via a range of London suburbs.

We ambled across Waterloo Bridge just in time for doors open at Wahaca, then dived into the crowds around Covent Garden. Our eyes peeled for t-shirts, we walked past an ice-cream shop and I glanced in, grinding to an immediate halt.

“Peanut butter ice-cream?” I murmured to myself. But I was trying to be good, so walked on by (when you can lose a finger up to the first knuckle in your belly, it’s definitely time to try and be good).

H, however, is a supreme ice-cream lover, and was flabbergasted at my reaction. And let’s be honest, I did not need much convincing.

We ended up back at The Icecreamists, and joined the queue. We normally get a 2-scoop cup to share when eating ice-cream, but these guys only offered a 3-scoop cup, so we reluctantly (well, reluctantly-ish) selected a third flavour.

Now this is no normal cutesy cow-strewn ice-cream parlour. Black and hot pink styling throughout, from black napkins and cups, to shiny black and pink hats on the ladies. I think the men were wearing black berets.

It is also the place that serves breast milk ice-cream. At around £20 a scoop one would have to really want to try it, and I wasn’t fussed, so we stuck with the 3-scoop cup, which was just shy of £7.

The first scoop, a rich bitter dark chocolate. It reminded me of a chocolate sorbet I had once made, except 20 times smoother. The second scoop, the peanut butter. Sweet, but not overly so, with a nutty creaminess that made it a joy to eat. And the third scoop? Caramel popcorn. A subtle burnt caramel sweetness laden with nuggets of caramel-coated popcorn. Yum, yum and triple yum.

I have gone on before about my favourite ice-cream (Berthillon), and I am not yet tempted to nudge it into second place. I’d need to try some fruit flavours, and even then, hmmm, I sense I need to go back to Berthillon again, purely for research you understand.

Don’t get me wrong, though, we both absolutely loved The Icecreamists. Certainly the best ice-cream I can remember having for a very long time, and though the price is steep for ice-cream, it is definitely worth it.

Oh, and the Easter egg? We just couldn’t find one we wanted and so came home empty-handed. I still can’t believe I passed up an excuse to eat large amounts of chocolate. Sigh.


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