Samba Swirl, Battersea

Over a year ago, I posted about an awesome fro-yo place in Hong Kong: Orangi-Yo. Here you could serve yourself from a choice of fro-yo flavours and then sprinkle with as many toppings as you liked.

H loved the place, and since then, we’ve occasionally reminisced about it, wishing there was somewhere similar in the UK.

The other week, we decided to pop up on the train to Clapham Junction to have a mooch around. Imagine my delight when, undertaking some pre-trip research, I came across a website for a 3-shop chain of self-serve fro-yo places in London!

frozen yoghurt

Samba Swirl (77 Northcote Road), offers 6 flavours divided over three machines. You pipe swirls of your chosen fro-yo into a tub, the head over to the toppings area, where you can choose from an array of fruit, sweets and other treats to sprinkle on top. You pay by weight, and believe me, it is all too easy to get carried away! There is seating inside and outside the shop, so you can relax while eating your dessert mountain.

My selection is to the right in the photo, and includes their Samba Tart (plain), chocolate and watermelon flavours. All very good, though the chocolate was particularly pleasant; a mild smooth milk chocolate. H  had a coffee flavour in his mix, which he enjoyed.

The flavours change often, but you can check what they are before you go by visiting their Facebook page. I plan to return when peanut butter is on the menu!

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