Oddono’s Gelati, Battersea

I am a great believer in research. Why waste time eating something disappointing when a little research can minimise the risk of traumatising your tastebuds?

Of course happening across good places is wonderful. There is always a little risk involved, but if you rely on your instincts, things usually turn out okay.


As we were heading with single-minded determination to Samba Swirl in my last post, we walked past a gelato shop which looked very tempting.

“Well if they have peanut butter gelato, maybe I’ll stop in on our way back,” I joked, focused on the self-serve fro-yo we were bearing down on.

Crammed with Samba Swirl product, we ambled back past the gelato shop, Oddono’s (69 Northcote Road), and I paused on the pavement outside.

“I’m just going to pop in and see what kind of flavours they have,” I murmured, before making a bee-line for the counter.

They had peanut butter gelato.

It was a sign and I could not ignore it, no matter how full I was. Just before ordering a single scoop, I noticed that their chocolate gelato was made with Valrhona, and the lady behind the counter kindly gave me two half-scoops, one of peanut butter and one of chocolate, so I could try them both.

They were awesome. The peanut butter was sweet and salty and creamy, but as it was a gelato, it still remained light. The chocolate was also excellent, and the two together made a pleasing couple.

I urge you to go here, as it is well worth a visit and they had some unusual flavours that sounded like they would have been delicious if only I’d had the room.


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