Sidewalks Bar & Diner, North Camp, Farnborough

This isn’t  a proper post. It’s a tiny one just to draw your attention to a new place I spotted in North Camp recently – the Sidewalks Bar & Diner (Lynchford Road).

So far we’ve only popped in for milkshake (H had a “hard shake” with rum in!) but we plan to return to try something from the menu some time (lots of different burgers and hot dogs).

It’s got a nice pub feel and a garden out back. If you get there before me, let me know how the food is!


4 thoughts on “Sidewalks Bar & Diner, North Camp, Farnborough”

  1. I did the ‘Man Vs Food’ challenge with my mate this week. Food is very good. Needless to say neither of us could complete the challenge in 15 mins. Would reccomend!!

  2. Thanks! I found out the challenge is something like 6 burgers plus extras in 15 minutes, so I’m impressed you even attempted it!

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