Delicious Delights, Maybole

One afternoon in Maybole I felt in need of a sweet treat.

My first port of call was a teeny bakery Delicious Delights (33 High Street). They used to be a wholly different tiny bakery, but at some point since I was last in Scotland they had changed hands.


The selection was very limited but they had some nice looking muffins, and I opted for a toffee one. The lady behind the counter congratulated me on my choice and bustled off to get me the accompanying toffee sauce.

Now I’m pretty sure I’ve NEVER been sold a side of sauce with a muffin. It basically turned it into a sticky toffee pudding. A wee blast in the microwave and miniature pudding heaven ensued.

If you happen to be passing, try one. I think it was around £1.50, so no banks need be broken.

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