Violet Liqueur

I wonder if floral food could be the next big thing one day?

A little while ago I bought some edible flowers from Waitrose (reduced to 10p) but while they were pretty, I wasn’t really feeling it. Even for 10p.

No I’m thinking rose and violet – those two stalwart fondant chocolate flavours. And we mustn’t forget Turkish delight and Parma Violets.

A lot of people I know express revulsion when eating these, often saying “it tastes like perfume”. But is that such a bad thing?

violet liqueur

Being pedantic, they don’t TASTE like perfume. Admittedly I’ve never drunk perfume, but I’m 100% certain it is (a) bad for you and (b) not deliciously floral. However I take the point.

Myself, I love anything rose or violet flavoured. When holidaying in France I was ecstatic to find violet ice cream and rose macarons. So you can understand my fascination when I spotted this bottle of Liqueur Violette in Robbie’s Drams in Ayr.

Trying to save the pennies, I decided not to buy it, but H’s Mum T added it to her purchases so later that night, we had a tasting session.

Although I’m not a big alcohol fan, we all agreed this was quite pleasant. Very sweet, with a subtle violet note, it would work well in a cocktail, as long as the other flavours were subdued enough to let the violet shine through.


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