Food Analysis: PB2

Who likes powdered foodstuffs? Anyone?

I can’t actually think of that many foods one eats as a powder. Sherbet definitely, icing sugar at a stretch, but I haven’t seen anyone eating flour by the spoonful.

So the thought of powdered peanut butter was distinctly intriguing.


First things first, what is the point of powdered peanut butter? PB2’s manufacturers Bell Plantation trumpet the fact it has “85% less fat calories”, so in essence it is a lower-fat way to add a peanut flavour to recipes. You can add water to turn it into a spread, but thus far I have only had it as an addition to other things (such as the chocolate peanut ganache in H’s macarons). I can see how it would also be great for dusting truffles or drifting over a chocolate cake.

It is an American product, but Amazon is your friend here. However it is NOT CHEAP. We’re talking £9 or £10 a tub (and it isn’t that big a tub). It’s fun to play with but unless you are a rich, health-focused peanut addict, you may want to stick to occasional flirtations with regular peanut butter.

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