Roti Canai in London

People, this is not a drill. Sound the sirens, grab the megaphones and wear loose-fitting trousers – I went to a restaurant serving real roti canai.

Feast your eyes on these beauties.

roti canai

Two with dahl for under £5, or you can have a meat or fish curry if you prefer. They are whipped up by the Roti King, who has his own corner inside this Charing Cross Road restaurant. I had mine with an iced Horlicks and H with a Teh Tarik – ahh, bliss.

You probably now want exact details on how to get there. This is where it gets a little embarrassing. I believe the restaurant is called Malaysia Kopi Tiam, however the internet keeps telling me that closed down a while ago. There is talk of Asian Twist Delicious too, but that’s not what it was called when I was there. I’m also a tad hazy on the exact number, could be 67, could be 69. You’ll probably find these guys outside (see this post for info on their awesome pancakes) and you can see the Roti King corner at the front of the restaurant, so I have faith you’ll find it, despite my crap directions.

2 thoughts on “Roti Canai in London”

  1. They look amazing. If you’re in Glasgow any time soon both Asia Style (St George’s Road) and Rumours (Bath Street) do excellent Roti Canai in very laid back Cafe style atmospheres.

    Nice blog by the way. Particularly enjoying the Scottish Bakery Treats.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I had roti at Asia Style a few years ago, and while it was good, I suspected it wasn’t made fresh on the premises. I’ve haven’t tried the roti at Rumours though.

    I should probably do some English Bakery Treats posts too in the interests of balance, and so I can eat more cake 🙂

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