IncrEdibles at Kew Gardens

This is just a little post to big-up the food and drink IncrEdibles event going on at Kew Gardens at the moment.

ice cream

When H and I dropped in for a few hours I was drawn to the global kitchen garden. Fascinating to see soya beans, rice, rainbow chard, gourds and so much more growing happily in the sunshine.

We also made time to visit the White Peaks café where they are selling a few unusual ice-cream flavours. We had liquorice, honeyberry and coriander seed (front) and peach, curry leaf and white chocolate. Even though I’m not a liquorice fan, that one was the superior dessert in my opinion. It reminded me of those tiny little comfits you sometimes get at the end of an Indian meal. My peach ice-cream had quite a light flavour and was a little gritty, perhaps due to the white chocolate. It was reminiscent of Coronation Chicken sauce (sweet, creamy and a mild curry flavour).

There is lots more to see (see the website for info), but it ends on Sunday September 1 2013, so you’d better get down there fast!

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