Getting Up to Date

I’m painfully conscious that I’ve not posted for a while.

Don’t imagine for a minute I’ve been nowhere worth writing about. I’ve just been incredibly bad at remembering to take photos, distracted by the fun and games of Christmas and also been buying a house.

I shall compensate with a whistle-stop tour of some of the highlights.

I’ve been to two great London Korean restaurants, Asadal in Holborn, and Cah-Chi in Raynes Park. The latter just edges in front for me for their awesome Pa Jeon (a seafood and spring onion pancake that reminds me of Yorkshire pudding!) and wonderful marinated meats.

I tried out being a lady who lunched at Dehesa, where my friend and I sipped Bellinis and sampled some tasty tapas treats.

H and I finally got round to going back to The Hind’s Head, now with a Michelin star. Of course we had the much-copied triple cooked chips again, and I tried the elaborate fish pie.

We also had an amazing evening at the Hawker House Street Feast that ran for a few weekends before Christmas. A warehouse filled with some truly wonderful food vans. They are actually running it again now, and I beg you to go down there. I had the most delectable lobster roll from Bob’s Lobster, a soft pork-filled steamed bun from Yum Bun, not to mention sticky ribs and all kinds of other treats. We got there just after it opened, pretended we were super cool for a while, and by the time we left it was rammed.

Who knows what 2014 may hold?

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