Sushi Samba, London

High up in the Heron Tower in London you can find SUISHISAMBA (their caps, not mine!). Tucked below the oft discussed Duck and Waffle, the restaurant offers “a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine”.


A couple of months ago I found myself nervously twitching in a glass lift shooting its way up to the 38th floor. My knees don’t like high places. They urge me to sit down in case I fall over. It was a grey day but the view still stretched out across London’s streets in a pleasing way.

H and I started with a couple of cocktails in the outside bar. As a few months have since passed I cannot recall exactly what was in them, but I do remember they were both expensive and delicious.

We eventually headed to our table and agonised over what to order. Lots of small dishes, including some delicious seviche (pictured above) and a turbot tiradito (below, with some cheeky tempura photo-bombing in the corner).


The biggest, perhaps surprise, hit were the amazing El Topo® rolls which included salmon and melted mozzarella. Melted mozzarella in sushi may sound odd, but its mild taste did not overwhelm any of the other flavours and added a great chewy texture.


H and I felt we could just about manage dessert, so H led the way with the very chocolatey With Love From Rio dessert, which included ganache, coffee mousse and ice cream. I opted for assorted mochi filled with ice cream and served with a warm white chocolate sauce, and really enjoyed the gelatinous outer layers, assorted ice creams and even the very sweet white chocolate sauce. The sauce reminded me of condensed milk, which is no bad thing.


It was an expensive meal but enjoyable, and at a very impressive venue.

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