Gallery Café, Bangkok

After checking into our hotel in Bangkok, we were ravenous and popped to a place we had spotted round the corner for lunch.

chicken, som tam, sticky rice

The Gallery Café (86–100 Soi Captain Bush Charoen Krung Soi 30) was a tourist friendly spot with recognisable Thai favourites. However as we walked in, I noticed a blackboard advertising a lunch special of chicken, som tam and sticky rice.

It is just the kind of thing I want from a Thai restaurant in the UK, but rarely find. Sure you can get the individual bits, though fried chicken is less common, but this was a perfect portion. The chicken was served on crispy noodles and with a sweet chilli sauce, then there was a little basket of sticky rice and a bowl of spicy green papaya salad. Delicious! I had a watermelon ice-blended drink and shared some sweetcorn fritters. Man, I wish I had that meal tonight!

Prices, while citified, were still cheap to our Western eyes. A good spot for a casual lunch.

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