PuWaan, Jomtien

Every now and then I fancy ice-cream.

I don’t mow people down to get it. It isn’t my go-to comfort food. When I eat it I like it, but I am definitely more of a pastry/cake/pudding person.

Hot weather helps, but a winter cornet works too.

ice  cream

But who could resist a little scoop in a cunning crab bowl?

I assume the crab is in honour of the large seafood restaurant (Pupen Seafood) surrounding the presumably connected PuWaan (near the bottom end of Jomtiensaineung Road). There is a jaunty giant crab sculpture adjacent, and the bowls appear to be an homage.

In the pink bowls are scoops of passion fruit and yoghurt (I had asked for coconut with sticky rice but yoghurt arrived instead – don’t worry, I chased it with a scoop of the coconut!). The larger constructions are a green tea/ice-cream fusion and a green tea ice-cream sundae of sorts.

Good ice-cream (particularly the coconut topped with some sticky rice), and the little shop was enclosed and air-conditioned, which was most welcome.

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