Thailand Food Exploration: Khao Keab Pak Mor

One of the Thai few foods I wasn’t very taken with when I tried it a few years ago was khanom tua baep. The casing was bland and the bean filling even more so.

So when I saw pak mor being made in a similar fashion (white batter smoothed over muslin to steam, then filled), I was a little concerned.

pak mor

This time a range of fillings was available however, so I opted to have the full assortment. Plus these dumplings weren’t a standalone snack so much as part of a wider meal which involved soup.

Here is my soup.


I quickly passed my chicken’s foot onto a more appreciative recipient, as I am not at all fond of the texture. The broth itself was very nice though -  soothing and non-spicy, but you could add chilli if you wanted.

H had a spicy broth which was far more vivid and featured zero feet but a number of blood cakes (the bits that look like raw liver).

spicy soup

ANYWAY, I am here to write about the pak mor. The fillings were generally simple plain vegetables, for example one had bean sprouts, another spring onion. There was also one stuffed with minced pork, and my favourite, one stuffed with a salty sweet peanut mixture. The casings were the same as for the tua baep, gelatinous, bland, steamed rice flour wrappers. A bit like eating something wrapped in a very soft noodle.  I suppose eating bean sprouts wrapped in rice pancake is marginally more exciting than plain bean sprouts, but I far preferred the fillings with more ingredients.

It felt like a healthy lunch though, and was accompanied by flower drinks (eg chrysanthemum drink, hibiscus drink).  You can just see the yellow glint to the top left of the photo of my soup.

The restaurant was very casual but very busy. Certainly not aimed at tourists (no non-Thai menus) but excellent value food and all freshly made.

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