Bo.lan, Bangkok

Another day, another fancy Bangkok restaurant. We only had a brief stay in Bangkok before we headed on to Vietnam, and we had to cram as much into it as possible.

H’s dad had managed to book us in for lunch at one of the most celebrated restaurants in the city – Bo.lan.


Surrounded by a garden, the restaurant was tastefully decorated in dark wood and had a relaxed feel. They had a clear and simple menu focused on Thai cuisine. You could choose a fixed price menu with a selection of tasters, or go for a single plate. While everyone else opted for a single main, I bee-lined in on the set menu.

The pic above is H’s main – stir fried lamb with chilli and basil, plus a clear pork soup. Super spicy but he loved it. His dad and O had braised rice with Spanish mackerel. My little dishes included curry, fresh fried fish, soup and salad.

I also got a small portion of dessert (the others had a larger one) as part of my menu.


It was all the same dessert of the day: syrup and syrup poached vegetables/fruit with some ice and I presume chia seeds. Very light and sweet.

I really liked it there. It had a lovely vibe, and the food was not too elaborate yet still delicious. Prices were closer to Western, but still more reasonable than most basic UK Thai restaurants and much more refined.

Go if you can, I feel confident you will enjoy yourself!

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