Distil, Bangkok

Do cocktails improve with a good view?

Distil at Lebua certainly puts this to the test. 64 floors up (and one above the stunning Sky Bar) is Distil, a bar in a dome.


The views are breathtaking, but then so are the prices. We are talking London cocktail prices here.

The above cocktail is the Antidote. If you think the presentation is impressive, H had a cocktail called Pandora’s Box, which came in a box. Well, in a bag in a box.

Against the better judgement of our wallets, we decided to eat while there too.

H’s dad and O shared an eye-poppingly expensive seafood platter, whereas H and I went for sushi and tacos. And of course I had dessert.


Looks pretty good, huh? And it was. Chocolate, caramel… yum!

It was a wonderful experience, the drinks were delicious and the setting amazing. However it was very much a one time thing.

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