Vietnam Food Exploration: Che Thap Cam

Waiting 3 months to write up a post when you haven’t taken any notes is not the greatest idea.

I’ve been lucky with Thai food as I have always had a local expert to turn to for info, especially names.

However when in Vietnam, I paid scant attention to the proper terms for dishes and have since spent some time scouring various online resources to identify food stuffs.

So this MAY be Che Thap Cam.

che thap cam

We were trying to be brave, and seated ourselves at a street-side dessert stall on our first night. There were dishes and dishes of unusual items in syrup, primarily jellies, fruit and beans.

street dessert

We each took a turn to point at various items and after coconut and a sweet gloopy marshmallow-like syrup was added on top, we were passed our desserts. We perched on tiny stools and spooned in the sweet mix of tastes and textures, our reward for bravery being a delicious dessert!

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