Food in New York

So much to eat, so little time/stomach space. We had so much amazing food, but here are a few highlights.

Clinton Street Baking Company

I just have to see the word biscuit on an American menu and I get unreasonably excited. I’m not sure why I am quite so fond of these scone-like carb-fests, but there is something addictive about them.


As you can’t book, we got here before it opened, and even though it was a weekday, there was already a tiny queue. However once the door opened, we got a table straight away, and had an excellent breakfast. My dish (pictured) included eggs, chorizo, a biscuit topped with tomatillo sauce and hash browns.

Empellon Cocina

Who could refuse guacamole with pistachios accompanied by 7 salsas? Only a crazy person.

Look at the colours!


And that wasn’t even the best bit! More salsas turned up to accompany our delectable carnitas.


So good!

Momofuku Noodle Bar

Another no-book spot, but we got a seat straight away (as usual, we were pretty early!).

I wish I could remember the names of the dishes we had. I think there was one special (corn – pictured right below), plus shrimp steamed buns.

corn and buns

There was also a very spicy meaty cashew nut dish that left my mouth on fire but tasted delicious.



Russ and Daughters (the shop)

This is a takeaway deli rather than an eat-in spot. The most amazing and beautiful smoked and cured fish to go, which they can also incorporate in a bagel should you wish. And we definitely did wish.


We returned here a couple of times during our stay, trying different cures of salmon, varieties of bagel and assorted additions.


How good does that look?!


Or this?!

I even got to try some traditional belly lox – salt brined rather than smoked. And very nice it was too.

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  1. Wow, this post is really pushing my buttons and ticking my boxes. I didn’t eat anywhere near this well when I was in New York! How could I have so thoroughly squandered my time there!?

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