Dutch Food Exploration: Pannenkoeken

I’m kicking off the first of my posts from a brief Amsterdam trip last year with this beauty.


Although pancakes (pannenkoeken) are familiar to us in the UK, they are a famous Dutch treat. As such, it seemed vital to sample one in situ, and I decided to go savoury.

I love the way the bacon, peppers and mushrooms were part of the pancake itself, not just plonked on top. The pancake was light but thick enough to have texture.

I am 99% sure I had this pancake at the Negen Straatjes (9 Streets) branch of the prosaically-named Pancakes Amsterdam. Go there and enjoy!

One thought on “Dutch Food Exploration: Pannenkoeken”

  1. think this might be my all time favourite pancake, as it is Shrove Tuesday tomorrow shall get my self some appropriate bacon and make one. Cheers!

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