Dutch Food Exploration: Patatje Oorlog

Fries/chips/frites/patatje – chop a potato into straws and deep-fry it and you are on to a winner.

I looked into “must-eat” foods before we went to Amsterdam, and something that came up repeatedly was chips topped with mayonnaise, satay sauce and raw onion.

patatje oorlog

This topping, known as oorlog (meaning war), is certainly a memorable combination. I love all of the ingredients separately, and was pretty confident I would like them together, and I was right. It was amazing! Creamy mayo, sweet spicy nutty satay and the bite of raw onion all on top of crispy golden fries.

We got these from the renowned hole-in-the-wall Vleminckx the Sausmeester on Voetboogstraat 33 – easily found due to the queue.

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