Sicilian Food Exploration: Sgriccio

Last year H and I had a September holiday in Sicily. As you can imagine, there were lots of good eats, although less cuisine diversity than I had envisaged.

However that gave us the opportunity to make the most of all the Sicilian favourites, which we did with gusto.


Dotted around the towns and cities are sgriccio kiosks. These sell still and sparkling waters mixed with syrups and juices.

Seltz limone e sale (right) is a popular summer rehydrater, and I found it pleasant if unusual. Sparkling water mixed with lemon juice and salt. No sugar is added, so it’s very sharp, and the added salt led to a taste that reminded me of those electrolyte drinks you have after an unfortunate digestive incident. H was a big fan though, and still drinks it at home occasionally.

The bright red drink on the left was a wild strawberry syrup mix. It was a sugar overload – far too sweet even for me. However with a little experience and Italian, I’m sure one could ask for a different weighting of ingredients, and there is an eye-popping range of flavours to choose from.

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