KitKat Ruby

I’ve never been a fan of pink. As kids, girls are powerless to resist the pink onslaught that starts from birth. Even as an adult, pastels follow you around, meaning I end up buying men’s socks, dressing gowns and the like to get the dull dark colours I prefer.

However there is an exception. Food and drink.

kitkat ruby

I’m not sure how much is flavour and how much is colour, but I’ve always been drawn to sugary pink treats. Foamy shrimps from the pick-and-mix, red fruit gums, pink Refreshers, Pink Panther wafers, the pink squares in a Battenberg – I’m a sucker for it all.

It also extends to drinks too. I can’t resist the sway of a falooda, bandung or rhubarb pop, and introducing alcohol opens the door to drinks like a Raspberry Collins or a sickly Strawberry Vodka Mudshake.

So a fourth kind of chocolate, “ruby”, definitely caught my eye.

I thought we’d already had a fourth kind of chocolate a few years ago, when “blonde” chocolate came around. However I guess that was deemed merely a variant on white chocolate, unlike this new contender.

Despite some background reading, I’m still not entirely sure if there is any sneaky flavouring added to ruby chocolate. It’s all kept very secret, with theories about the unfermented beans causing the berry-like flavour.

There are a few Ruby bars out there now, but KitKat Ruby was the most easily obtainable (from Tesco).

After a brief pang for the old foil-and-paper wrapped bars, I tore off the plastic to reveal quite a dark pink product.

Despite expecting a yoghurt-style coating, the texture is exactly like chocolate. It is slightly fruity, slightly acidic, and reminded me of eating the chocolate-lined cone of a strawberry Cornetto. Sweet, a little sickly, definitely a berry tang.

I’m keen to try a pure bar, because the wafer did distract from the chocolate’s flavour. And all things considered, I have no desire to have another KitKat Ruby – it was pleasant enough, but give me the classic version any day.

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