Soho Rose Part 3: Desserts

If you’re like me, you probably haven’t eaten many rose desserts. They just aren’t that common. Perhaps something soaked in a rose syrup, or incorporating Turkish Delight?

Where rose goes, sugar invariably follows. These desserts are sweet – sometimes excessively so, but don’t let that stop you.



Rose Saffron Falooda, Bombay Bustle – One work lunchtime I popped in for just a dessert. This beautiful creation was a wonderful blend of tastes and textures. They also have rose kulfi on the menu.

rose ripple

Rose Ripple, Fortnum and Mason: The Parlour – So admittedly this is slightly outside Soho, but for rose ice-cream, it’s worth a stop. They used to have a sundae on the menu containing both rose and violet, but sadly it seems to have gone. On just looking at their latest menu, this flavour isn’t mentioned either, so perhaps it is on hiatus.

Rose Macaron, Yauatcha – Macarons are one type of patisserie that come in a rainbow of flavours, and fortunately rose is one of them. Delicate, soft, sweet – this is a lovely treat.


Yalla Yalla – Their menu lists Maamoul (baked semolina and rose water cookies filled with dates or walnuts), but I really want to try their Mohalabiya milk pudding, which I’m hoping incorporates rose syrup.

rose lychee cake

Rose and Lychee Cake, L’Eto – The thought of a big slab of this makes me drool 🙂 There is something so decadent about a massive piece of cake.


Rose and Raspberry Eclair, Maitre Choux – These beautiful little treats are pricey, but truly are works of art.

Pistachio, Lemon and Rose Cake, Gail’s – I’m going to snag one of these some time – it looks like such a cute little cake.

Rose Pistachio Donut, Leon – I work so close to a Leon that it’d be rude not to scarf one of these down.

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