Not Hen, Again

I decided to stay in the imitation poultry zone, and found some Squeaky Bean Satay Kievs in Asda.

I know I really need to start making more effort with photos by the way…it looks like a 3D breadcrumb country map floating in space.

So this kiev is a doubly miraculous masquerader. Not only is the chicken fake but the satay sauce is peanut-free!

I oven-baked as suggested, and got crispier crumbs this time. I found the kiev approach worked really well – the surprisingly tasty and convincing not-peanut filling covering up the sins of the unexciting protein wrapping. The texture was semi-soft but the crunchier crumb did a good job of offsetting.

I’d have this again, perhaps as a burger with some onion, mayo and cucumber. Good job, Squeaky Bean!

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