Sausage, Not Sausage

For my first “FIUYMI” vegan food post, take a look at these (uncooked) bad boys.


Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Sausages.

And before you think I’ve messed up already, they are actually VEGAN. I suppose “vegetarian” was once a less scary word to use. Or perhaps they used to be vegetarian and have since been reformulated to reach a wider market.

After 15 minutes in the oven, they looked almost the same as above. And the verdict? They were fine. Mundanely fine. Blandly okay. Uninspiringly shrug-inducing.

Not entirely dry but a continent away from succulent. Not completely lacking in flavour but “mildly savoury” isn’t a review I would want. Not exactly crumbly but nothing approaching a juicy “bite”.

I feel like they need more fat for texture and to seriously punch up the taste. Think of all the flavours they crowbar into meat sausages these days. Bramley apple, naga chilli, caramelised onion, herbs ahoy… Why should vegans be deprived of all the fun?

If you drowned them in gravy or mustard, perhaps that would be enough. I would consider eating them again, but I want to try other options first. That said, I offer an appreciative salute to this classic brand who were there before it was cool.

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