Fish-ish Fingers

This vegan imitator gave me pause for thought by the Asda chiller cabinet. Pretend chicken seems so much less perturbing than pretend fish. But I wanted to be fair, and as Squeaky Bean’s last offering had been good, I boldly went for it.

As you can see, their Fishless Fingers looked spot on in the frying pan. However as they neared readiness, I grew almost nervous to try them.

Reader, they were darn good! Moist and barely tasting of much (as a bland cod finger does), with a crispy crumb, I was really impressed. After snacking on a plain one, I slathered the rest in tartar sauce and rolled up in a wrap with avocado. No overpowering fake fishiness, just the most delicate flavour.

I would absolutely buy these again, and am happy that our ocean friends can be approximated too!

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