Frosted to Death

I am devastated to report that frost snuck into my greenhouse and selectively killed one tomato plant and one sweetcorn plant.

I take full responsibility – I am a bad plant parent. It had been getting down to freezing the previous nights, but everything was fine and dandy. However it must have been just that bit colder, and bam. As you can see on the right – one corn died while its neighbour was fine.

The survivors were promptly brought back indoors, and now I have the fun of trying to find places to put these tender creatures until next month!

In the meantime, my basil has germinated.

A cheeky cosmos (‘Purity’) seed got in there too, and is showing them all up by rocketing skywards.

I’ve also started off a couple of courgette seeds and some chilli seeds inside. Meanwhile outdoors, a mini row of turnips, beetroot and parsley root are in the ground – when something worth seeing appears, I’ll post pics.

Speaking of pics, I whacked a random filter on the photos this week which makes them look a bit washed out but to my eyes more ‘photography’. I miss the days when H was my photographer 🙂

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