A Turnip for the books…

You can see things have gotten dire with this level of pun…

Some of my turnip seeds have germinated. They look utterly dull, quite unhealthy and generally a bit grumpy.

As you can see, the soil in this veg bed is a bit crappy too. I added manure the last two years, but I think it’s going to be a while before it is a lovely rich friable tilth.

The turnip variety is ‘Sweet Marble’. Chosen more or less at random – you can also eat the leaves as spinach apparently.

My beetroot ‘Albino’ was planted at the same time and might just about be germinating but is a microscopic dot in comparison. No sign of anything from the root parsley.

This week I have planted some more sweetcorn, tomato ‘Sunchocola’, my Oca tubers (half in pots in the greenhouse, half outside direct) and a few Achocha ‘Fat Baby’ seeds.

These last two are entirely new veg for me. Every year I like to try something I’ve not grown before, and ideally not even heard of 🙂

I particularly like the Fat Baby seeds.

They are surprisingly angular and jagged – not the usual smooth rounded seed we tend to see.

Apparently the plants can climb up to 10ft tall – I may need to have a rethink about where to plant them if they actually germinate!

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