Beans Means Summer

My climbing French beans ‘Monte Gusto’ have germinated and are growing nicely.

I am resisting the urge to plant them out, as the temperature has dropped to 0 a few times over the last week, which has seen me rushing to blanket courgettes, corn and other tenders I optimistically and pointlessly planted outside.

I didn’t want them getting all big and leggy indoors, but they are doing nothing really outside as it’s too cold. I’ll time things a bit better next year.

There was a reason for planting the corn early – I wanted to give it a headstart, then the beans could climb up it. This is patently not going to work as I should have realised. Those beans will be rocketing skywards in moments. I’m guessing 3 Sisters must use boring old ground beans.

It’s fine though. I’m going to put some canes around the corn so the beans can climb and their nitrogen-fixing properties will still help the other plants.

Note that ‘Monte Gusto’ is a yellow variety of bean. Psychologically I just prefer them. I think it’s because supermarket beans tend to be green, so I associate yellow beans with being more tender and delicious as I’ve only ever had them home-grown.

And why climbing beans? Better use of space, less problems with pests, easier to pick, and they look lush and verdant!

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