Tiny Turnip

I’ve clearly cracked self-sufficiency.

This lil’ fella was a tad smaller than a golf ball, and in the guise of thinning, I pulled him up.

Unless you are really into turnips, I don’t know if I’d bother. The flea beetles decimated the leaves early on, and a number of the seedlings didn’t make it.

Sure they are pleasing to harvest, and very cute, but I’m also just not that keen on the taste. It’s a bit radishy (raw) for my liking. I mandolined him up into a salad where he added a nice crunch.

Aside from a few annoyingly leggy stalks of asparagus, a green garlic bulb that hadn’t split into cloves and a smattering of wild strawberries, there hasn’t been much reaching the kitchen from the garden. Still, there are lots of promising green fruits and expanding seedlings out there, so I’m looking forward to next month.

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