Coming Up Courgettes

As I’m sure I have mentioned, I don’t really like courgettes. I find them bland, a bit mushy, and we had them ALL THE TIME growing up.

In their defense, I find they grow reliably and are less prone to attack than many other veg. As a result, I usually have a couple of plants and do my best to harvest when they are tiny.

I’m growing ‘Striato d’Italia’, as I have for a few years now (still the same packet of seeds!). They’re fine, and add some green to my dinners, so I’m not going to complain.

Meanwhile, the tomatoes are getting closer to being ready.

These are the ‘Apero’, and I’m looking forward to eating them by the handful.

Finally I thought an update on the achocha was due.

It is very lively and growing up and out. It has reached the top of the 4ft fence, and I should probably put in some additional supports. No sign of flowers yet, but hopefully they’ll come soon.

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