What’s in the Box?

I regularly visit Kev’s Snack Reviews to see what’s new in the snack world.

Last summer I read about the Snack Surprise subscription box, and given the impossibility of going anywhere, decided to let the treats come to me.

Every month, you get a set of snacks and drinks from a different country. It comes with a handy booklet explaining what each item is, and I’ve been loving it!

Sure, not every snack is a winner for me, but I’ve come across some great highlights including Swedish Delicatoboll, Turkish Eti Crax and Bulgarian Milkiss. The trick is sourcing them again afterwards. I wish Snack Surprise sold the individual items too 🙁

There are three different sizes of box available. I have the Original box, which has 10+ snacks and a drink (priced between £12.49 and £13.99 depending on your subscription length). There is a larger and a smaller box available too.

I really recommend it if, like me, one of your holiday highlights is roaming a foreign supermarket…

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