Hot Honey

Good ol’ food trends. Where would we be without them?

I first heard about hot honey on the Soulful Biscuit Making airbnb online experience I undertook with Chef Jumoke Jackson (it was excellent, I absolutely should have written about it and didn’t).

Having made our delectable biscuits, he advised slathering with hot honey, which I immediately had to research.

Behind the curve, as usual, I determined it has been around for a while in the UK, and there were even some small manufacturers here. Rather than ordering the US classic Mike’s Hot Honey, I went for the British JD’s. I ordered an Original jalapeño infused for me, and an XXtra habanero infused for H.

It seems pizza is a popular vehicle for a drizzle, but I tried over salmon and it was delicious. The Original has a pleasant heat but nothing too fiery, unlike the XXtra, which has quite a kick! The sweet heat is insidiously addictive, and it is going to take some serious willpower not to douse everything from now on.

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