Advent Calendars 2021

I am incredibly happy that there are all manner of exotic advent calendars in existence now.

When I was very small, it was a pictures-only situation. This slowly escalated to chocolate (usually cheap), before brands got involved, and then other foodstuffs, beverages, beauty items and so much more.

I must have spent hours scouring the options, and in the end, plumped for a fairly simple option from M&S for me, and a Zotter one for H (both pictured above). It seemed a shame to let all that research go to waste though, so here, for your delectation, are a list of favourites. – I had a version of this last year and it was a fancy treat although a bit too many pralines compared to fruit pate for my preference. – Zotter has such unusual and fascinating flavours of chocolate bar. In addition to the one I got for H, there is a non-alcohol one, and this vegan one. – Yay! Marshmallows! – I’ve had this a couple of times, and would happily have again, not only because I know the lovely inventor Annem. – This is the calendar I would have bought if they shipped to the UK any more 🙁 – I don’t think our freezer would have the room for their ice-cream mochi collection but I love that it exists. – A candyfloss advent calendar?!?! – H had the Lakrids option last year and was a big fan. I’ve been eyeing up the Mazet one this year. If I decide to double up, that’s the option I might go for.

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