Dough-Chi Cookie Dough Wrapped Ice-Cream

I’m a big fan of an ice-cream sandwich. It’s not something you get very much “casually” in the UK (eg supermarket), so I normally settle for a Freddo Sandwich. Once, for a brief glorious period, Walls did a Gingerbread Sandwich, but alas no more.

This brings me on to a new fancy ice-cream that IS available in supermarkets (well, Ocado at least).

Dough-Chi touts itself as “Cookie dough with [insert relevant phrase] soul” (feel like they could have settled on a single description here!). I ordered two different types (they were on offer…) and waited for our next delivery.

Obviously the “chi” part is a reference to Little Moons mochi ice-creams, as they are both small, rounded, frozen, encased, dessert bites. It makes sense to leverage the hype, but give that the element these DON’T contain is mochi, it is contextually confusing.

The dough coating is soft and cookie-esque, no more than 5mm thick. The filling is cold and creamy, the chocolate version nicely rich, and the blueberry one tangy.

I’d like to try the other flavours but at £4.20 for 6 (currently), I’ll probably hold off a while.

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