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Thailand Food Exploration: Buffets

I’m clearly someone who loves to be disappointed.

Why do I think this, you might wonder? Well, it’s because I adore buffets, despite the fact that they are usually pretty crap.

From sad pork pies at a wedding disco, to greasy scrapings of Peking duck skin at the all-you-can-eat Chinese, to dried pebbles of scrambled egg at the breakfast buffet, the intention is often superior to the food.

buffet 1

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Thailand Food Exploration: 129 Baht Buffet

On a previous visit to Thailand, one night we ate out at the “99 Baht Buffet” (on the Pattaya Thai Road, Pattaya, behind Big C). The name was a real tongue-pleaser, as was the meal (…too much?).

On our recent trip the price had risen to a less mellifluous 129 baht, but the food was still as good, and at £3 a head, wonderful value.

The proceedings start (oh yes, this is no simple setup) with an alarming charcoal brazier being set into your metal table. This is then topped with a shallow metal bowl with a raised hole in the centre, to which is added a conical slatted metal hat.


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