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New Zealand Food Exploration: Auckland Food Courts

When I say the words “food court”, what do you picture?

If you are from the UK, probably some wipe-clean section of a shopping centre edged with the chainiest of all fast-food joints, strewn with scrumpled wrappers, scented with rancid burger fat and echoing with the try-hard talk of teenagers.

I was quite excited to encounter my first food court years back. It was in the Friary Shopping Centre in Guildford, and I don’t remember much except bubblegum ice cream and baked potatoes.

When I started to make tentative forays into Thailand, the term began to take on a new meaning. There was still an abundance of shiny seating and plastic trays, but the food was much better, and subsequent visits to Malaysia and Singapore turned food courts into places I positively wanted to go to. The small stalls each specialised in a sub-set of Asian cuisine, and would generally execute it well and for bargain prices.

For anyone wanting to eat street food without the actual street part, food courts are a brilliant way to try new tastes without any lingering anxieties (unfounded or otherwise) about communication or cleanliness.

I’m not aware of any Asian-style food courts in the UK. There used to be one in North London called Oriental City, but no sooner had I learned of its existence than it closed down. Luckily for us, however, Auckland is host to a number of fine food courts of this type, and we managed to fit in 3 in the few days we were there. All were good value with an excellent range of dishes from the various stalls.

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