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Japanese Chocs

About six months ago, a friend of H’s returned from a visit to Japan, and one of the things he brought back was a very unusual selection of KitKats. Now, finally, I have got around to finishing the write-up!

I’m a regular old-fashioned KitKat fan. 4 slim sticks welded together, or sometimes a 2-finger version for a snack. Dark chocolate, chocolate orange, KitKat Chunky – neither these nor their brethren appeal.

However we have nothing like the flavours you can get in Japan. The ones I was lucky enough to try are just the tip of an exotic iceberg.

assorted chocolate

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Scottish Food Analysis: Macaroon Bars and Coconut Macaroons

I am a big fan of French macarons. The stunning colours, delicate flavourings and chewy textures… the only thing I don’t like is the price. Seriously. Considering the price just one of those tiny little delights retails for, I almost expect them to be diamond-encrusted.

Of course I appreciate they are a fiddle to make. I’ve had my fair share of cracked tops, sandy textures and uneven splodges to contend with, and after watching a recent episode of one of my favourite tv programmes “The Great British Bake Off”, I can see I am not alone.

Coconut macaroons are a very different beast, and something that are strangely Scottish. I say strangely, because coconut palms don’t line the shores here, but perhaps they come from the same tropical stable as pineapple tarts.

macaroon bar

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Thailand Food Exploration: Moo Dad Deow

Dried meat has different associations for me.

There’s the stereotypical Wild West gold-prospector angle (gnarled, weather-beaten men with beards gnawing on leathery strips of beef). There’s the time H and I tried to make our own biltong in a home-made drying box (it turned out more like crumbly meat biscuits). Finally, there’s a painful memory of buying lots of delicious salmon jerky in a Canadian airport, only to have to throw it all away when we reached UK customs.

moo dad deow

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