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Stovell’s, Chobham

If two of you are attending a restaurant by car, one of you has to forgo alcohol.

I’m not a big drinker, as I’ve probably mentioned before. I don’t like the taste of alcohol, preferring apple juice to cider, fancy fizzy pop to champagne and milkshakes to White Russians. This makes me the natural designated driver, and while I’m always hopeful of something interesting yet non-alcoholic on the drinks menu, often as not there’s nothing that inspiring.

Therefore while H perused the amazing cocktail menu at Stovell’s (125 Windsor Road, Chobham), I was feeling a bit left out until I noticed on the menu it said to ask about soda, cordials etc. The incredibly helpful bar guy asked me what I liked, and I mentioned how the rhubarb puree in one of the cocktails had caught my eye. A few minutes later I was sipping a rhubarb, nettle, chocolate bitters and soda concoction, and feeling content.

This excellent start set the tone for the meal. After ordering, wonderful warm rolls with two types of butter (one smoked) arrived, accompanied by a pea shot and some interesting large crisps of different varieties, including parmesan and potato.


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Sunday Lunch At: Wheeler’s at Yateley

Back in October, the budget finally felt flexible enough to stretch to a random Sunday lunch out, and some research into possibilities led me to Wheeler’s of St James’s at the Casa Hotel in Yateley.

A quick glance at the site will show you it is part of the Marco Pierre White empire, but on that subject I am going to remain stoically silent.

roast pork

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Sunday Lunch At: The Anchor Inn, Lower Froyle

Sunday lunch is one of the meals I least like to cook. There are so many different elements that all have to be ready at the same time. I inevitably end up with overcooked something, undercooked something else, burnt something, squishy something and not enough gravy.

Thus even though Sunday lunch isn’t a particular favourite with me, I have come to enjoy the peaceful ease of letting someone else have all the stress of cooking.

Last weekend we headed deeper into Hampshire to the attractively-situated Anchor Inn. The main part of the pub has insanely low beamed ceilings; even my 5′ 5″ proved too tall to stand comfortably  under some sections. The dining area was a more regular height though, and was pleasingly decorated with mismatched chairs, wooden tables and an assortment of candlesticks.

sunday lunch

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Sunday Lunch At: The Refectory, Milford

I have to make a humble apology because there are NO PHOTOS with this post. I know, it goes against everything a good food blog should be about, but let’s just shake our heads and struggle on as best we can.

Last Sunday we went with some friends to The Refectory in Milford. I have been aware of this place for a long time because it sits opposite Secretts, one of my favourite food shops around.

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Sunday Lunch At: Aviator, Farnborough

I’ve decided to kick off a series of posts on Sunday lunches available near my new location.

The lucky place that hosted me and H for lunch last weekend was Aviator hotel in Farnborough. It’s a very stylish place on the edge of Farnborough Airport, and we braved a whole inch of snow to go there.

Aviator brasserie Sunday lunch

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